How to actively enjoy nature at the Lower Rhine region

What do you think of when it comes to a short vacation on the Lower Rhine? Flat land with a lot of nature? Cycling paradise? Hiking fun? You are right, but there is more!

The Lower Rhine region, in the west of North Rhine-Westphalia, stretches between the Rhine and the Netherlands. Explore the beautiful floodplains, forests, lakes and heathlands with a rich flora and fauna on foot, by bike or on water. The winding branches of the river have shaped an extraordinary cultural landscape at the Lower Rhine region and the rural atmosphere, peppered with the impressive architecture of the castles and mansions, impresses every visitor.

Radtouren am Niederrhein
Radfahrparadies Niederrhein

Welcome to the holiday region with the densest network of cycle paths in Europe

The Lower Rhine region is particularly popular with cyclists due to its flat, varied landscape.

Cycle along the Rhine and be impressed by the great natural scenery – from Kleve in the north to Xanten, Wesel, Krefeld and Viersen to Heinsberg in the south.

The region even has its own bicycle, the “NiederrheinRad” can be borrowed from many service stations.

Cycling paradise Lower Rhine

Now the very first e-bike cycle path has even been built here, an asphalted approx. 3 meter wide route between Kleve and Nijmegen (NL). The special thing about it is that the e-bike path does not run along the road, but next to the Draisine through the middle of the wonderful nature of the Lower Rhine and past many gardens and forests. Pedestrians are not allowed and there are hardly any obstacles (traffic lights, etc.), which enables unhindered travel with the e-bike and and where you can also accelerate. Since the path is even provided with a motion detector in remote places and is illuminated, even long bike tours can be planned well into the evening without any problems. The path leads directly past the Lindenhof, which makes our idyllic garden paradise an ideal domicile or a culinary resting place for all cyclists.

Another innovation on the Lower Rhine is the newly introduced junction system for 1,000 kilometers of cycle routes. Based on a model from the Netherlands, there are a total of 159 signs in the Kleve district that allow cycling by numbers.

A direct connection to the neighboring Dutch network has also been created, which even increases the route expansion. On site you will receive a cycling map as well as the so-called “handlebar maps”, on which you can note down the numbers of the route. Small, similarly plugged loops can be attached to the handlebars of the bike. Matching GPS tracks are available for download.

Even cycling on rails is possible on the Lower Rhine. With the “Grenzland-Draisine” you can explore the landscape around Kleve and Kranenburg, whereby the fun is of course not neglected.

alte römische Ruinen in Xanten


Sonnenplatz auf dem Lindenhof


Schloss Dyck

Castle Dyck

Hiking on the Lower Rhine – explore nature without ups and downs

The Lower Rhine region also offers numerous paths and trails for hikers. Even the pilgrimage route leads past the Lindenhof. The Way of St. James leads from the Lower Rhine through Holland to Maastricht or Aachen. So you can hike from the Dutch border town of Millingen a.d. Hike Rijn through the landscape from “De Gelderse Poort” to Kranenburg and from Kranenburg through the Reichswald, the largest contiguous state forest on the Lower Rhine, and along the Niers River to Goch.

The Kranenburg region is actually a true paradise for hikers. With currently 19 hiking tours, active vacationers have a huge and varied selection of paths and hiking experiences. A total of 15 hikes and 4 long-distance hiking trails lead along the old pilgrimage site of Kranenburg. The route to Nijmegen (NL) on the European long-distance hiking trail E8 is highly recommended. First the route leads through the Kranenburger Bruch, then through part of the extensive nature reserve “Die Düffel”. Then it goes up and down without great differences in altitude (occasionally the route even has the character of a low mountain range) until you reach the imperial city of Nijmegen after crossing hilly bush moraines with fairytale forests. A new junction system is also planned for hikers.

romantische Wanderungen
romantische Wanderungen
Rees Schifffahrt am Niederrhein

Discovery trip by ship on the Rhine river

Enjoy a relaxed boat trip on the Rhine river and let the wonderful landscape go by. At the stops, you can stop off in pretty cafes or treat yourself to a piece of cake in the idyllic gardens and historic courtyards.

A special experience is the trip on the River Lady, which was converted according to the original blueprints of a Mississippi steamer. Here you can choose from various tours on the Rhine towards the Netherlands. The landing stages are in Wesel, Xanten, Rees, Götterswickerhamm and Orsoy .

Are you in the mood for holidays at the Lower Rhine?

Book your stay at the idyllic Lindenhof now and explore the natural paradise of the Lower Rhine region by bike or on foot.