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Xanten & Archaeological park

Visit Xanten, the town which emerged from a Roman garrison and is mentioned in the Niebelungenlied as home of Siegfried.
For its excellent city centre restoration, Xanten was chosen in 1975 as an example town for such plans in other areas. Still today the amphitheater in Birten and the Archaeological park Xanten bear witness to the long history of this place.

In the archaeological park you are able to do admire a part restoration of the Colonia Ulpia Traiana which was destroyed in the year 275, as well as the remains of "Grossen Thermen" which are located beyond the park.

Other testimonies of the Roman history of the town can be found in the regional museum of Xanten. The Gothic Saint Viktor-Dom with a big library and own museum is a proof of the blossom of Xanten in the Middle Ages.

The Xanten North and South lakes are located at the recreation center, which invites you with Nibelungenbad and water-ski, as well as high rope course and leisure harbors to relaxation.

Xanten is worth a trip, in any case!

Distance to the hotel: approx. 30 km

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