• Rad Fahren Am Rhein
  • Landschaft Am Niederrhein
  • Archaeoloischer Park Xanten
  • Kalkar Am Niederrhein
  • Schloss Moyland
  • Stadt Xanten
  • Landschaft Mit Kopfweiden

Moyland Castle

Moyland Castle is a moated castle near Bedburg-Hau / Kleve, which belongs to the most important neo-Gothic constructions in North Rhine-Westphalia.
The name is derived from the Dutch word Moiland which means „nice country“. The name presumably was created by Dutch workers who where invited to the Lower Rhine by the owner at that time Jakob van den Eger, to let drain the wetlands at his lands.

Nowadays castle Moyland as a museum accommodates the extensive collection of modern art of the brothers van der Grinten.

Distance to the hotel: approx. 13 km

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