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Sustainability at the Lindenhof

We have a sustainable certificate!

Our Lindenhof was distinguished by InfraCert - institute of sustainable development in the hotel industry - with the GreenSign label. For the sustainable development and management we were certificated with level 3. Our sustainability concept is successfully implemented in almost all hotel areas.
We are fully committed to extend and improve our sustainable action in order to reach level 5 as soon as possible.

We focus on regional partners!

Regionality and freshness are very important to us. Hence, we purchase most of our food directly from regional partners.

  • real edam cheese from a local cheese dairy
  • coffee from a private roaster
  • vegetables and fruit from regional cultivation
  • trouts from Kranenburg ponds

Many things are being produced by ourselves!

Wit us you enjoy bread, cake and more from own production

  • various homemade bread types as well as English Scones (high tea) with homemade spreads
  • roasted honey cereals
  • sheet cakes, creamy cakes, Grillage (iced meringue cake) and various pastries are being baked affectionately by ourselves
  • our windfall is processed by a local press house and is served at the Lindenhof
  • own herbal patch with herbs for various grill sauces and herb-flavoured butter

Sustainability is important to us!

We also think about tomorrow and would like to contribute our part for a better future.

  • the biological swimming pond which offers a protected home for many animal species
  • the extensive flower splendor of the extensive garden is also used for our everyday table decoration
  • biological sewage plant allows us clean without corrosive cleaning agents
  • the special situation of the court in the nature reserve has the advantage that the roe deer comes up to the pond to drink and for many years barn owls
  • are resident and draw up her brood in her nest undisturbed

Pure nature at the Lindenhof pond

01 Natur Pur Am Lindenhof Teich
02 Natur Pur Am Lindenhof Teich
03 Natur Pur Am Lindenhof Teich
04 Natur Pur Am Lindenhof Teich
05 Natur Pur Am Lindenhof Teich
06 Natur Pur Am Lindenhof Teich
07 Natur Pur Am Lindenhof Teich
08 Natur Pur Am Lindenhof Teich

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