Lindenhof Picnic

The Lindenhof picnic basket for your country trip

Whether for your favorite spot on the Lower Rhine region or for a garden picnic in a deck chair on the “Lindenhof”, simply select your basket for a wonderful break in nature.

With plates, cutlery, serviettes, picnic blankets, ice packs – with mosquito repellent if necessary – and a basket diary (for your experiences and recommendations) you are prepared for your day.

Unless otherwise ordered, the baskets are filled with delicacies for 2 people.

We always strive to fulfill special requests for your picnic basket. We will be happy to add refreshments to your needs or even “sparkling” drinks, as well as a delicious beer or wine. Of course, we add the appropriate glasses.

Picnic for two

  • Mini meatballs with local potato and bacon salad
  • Smoked ham and melon salad with pecorino cheese
  • Nest of lettuce with avocado, pineapple and grapefruit
  • Pretzel
  • Cherry crumble, nut corner or chocolate muffin
18,50 € per person

Picnic sunflower

  • Italian noodle salad
  • Pumpkin seed bread with carrot humus
  • Pretzel with cheese cubes
  • Strawberries with mint
  • Cherry crumble, nut corner or chocolate muffin
18,50 € per person

Picnic drinks

  • Sparkling wine Piccolo (0.2l) semi-dry or dry:

    5,00 €
  • White wine (0.25l, Baden) dry:

    5,50 €
  • Red wine (0.25l, Baden) semi-dry or dry:

    5,50 €
  • Gerolsteiner mineral water

    3,00 €
  • Flensburger Pils (0.33l) beer:

    3,00 €
Please order your Lindenhof picnic basket one day in advance by phone +49 28 26 918 553  or e-mail us to

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